What is it?

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors to your theme’s HTML.1 Tumblr is perfect for people who don’t need a full blog to publish lengthy posts. It’s also great for people who prefer to publish quick multimedia posts, particularly from their mobile devices.

How to use it?

Educational functions:

Aggregate, organize and publish content.  Create an online blog, publish your creative writing, and practice writing for different voices in social media.

Cognitive Skills you could target with this tool:

Integration, organisation, planning, attending, encoding, processing and meta- memory.

Get Started

Create your Tumblr account by clicking here.

  1. Taken from https://www.tumblr.com/about on 15 February, 2017.