What is it?

Digg is a news aggregator with a curated front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues. 1 Digg features links from across the Internet, ranging from widely known news sources to obscure blogs. Digg also builds its own list of popular stories that are going viral across the Web. 2

How to use it?

Educational Functions:

Use it as an aggregator for interests, ideas, or debates on a topic.  It is an open space for critical discussion based on events considered important to people around the world.  You can also use it as a way to get your students to practice using different voices to write for social media outlets, or as a place for students to keep up to dates with the latest news to entice discussion, debates or trigger ideas for assignments.

Cognitive processes you could target with this tool:

Integration, elaboration, organization, planning, monitoring, attending, encoding and meta-memory.

Get Started

You don’t need to create an account to read posts on Digg, but you will need an account to vote or add any new content.  To visit the Digg’s homepage, click here.

  1. Taken from wikipedia on 16 February, 2017.
  2. Taken from http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Digg on 16 February, 2017.

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