What is it?

TitanPad is a nice, real time, online document editing and collaboration tool that helps you quickly collaborate on text documents with others. You can import text file, HTML, Word, or RTF file formats. Also, you can download the document as HTML, Plain text, bookmark file, Microsoft Word and in more formats.1

How to use it?


Educational functions:

Ideal to engage students in collaborative note-taking or to share your notes with an unlimited amount of students.  You could use it as an alternative to an online whiteboard. It is an easy way for your students to keep an online notebook, or plan and organize an assignment or project.

Cognitive processes you could target with this tool:

Recall, integration, organisation, elaboration, planning, attending, encoding, comprehension, processing.

Get Started

You do not need to create an account to use TitanPad.  Simply create the space and start writing by clicking here.


  1. Taken from http://www.guidingtech.com/4074/titanpad-quickly-collaborate-on-text-documents-online/ on 16 February, 2017.