The main objective of this section is to guide the design of your learning tasks and assessments. The menu found below provides you with a range of resources and supports. Use the space provided to design your instructional tasks. Once you finish, submit your design. You will automatically receive a copy of your work via email. You may also expect a feedback email within 48 hours of your submission with suggestions and tips to improve your design.

Before you begin, it is suggested to review you learning objectives.  Biggs (1996) asserts that having clear objectives will help you ensure constructive alignment in the instructional materials. This means identifying and clearly stating the curriculum and unit objectives, in terms of specific levels of understanding that imply appropriate performances. Based on the objectives, the instructional strategy is then selected. Such strategy should require students to be placed in situations that are judged likely to elicit the required learning and performance. Finally, assessment tasks should address those same performances.  The degree of integration will strengthen the likelihood of student engagement, through clear specifications of the weight of each task in the final assessment (Judd, Kennedy, & Cropper, 2010).


Figure 1: Ensuring constructing alignment in the instructional materials

The following resources have been designed to help you ensure constructive alignment in your design.  Choose an action from the menu below: