tpackImprove the use of educational technology in your teaching practice! The main objective of this page is to help you improve your Technological Pedagogical Content knowledge (TPACK). TPACK is a framework that delineates a holistic approach to learning design. It is based on the premise that effective integration of educational technology requires a dynamic implementation of content, pedagogy and technology situated in unique contexts (Schmidt et al., 2009). TPACK is about identifying a topic in your curriculum; transforming that content into tasks or activities to help students learn, and facilitating that content through technological means to allow your students to process, manipulate and create their own interpretations.

TPACK is the basis to our design for learning approach.  “Design for learning” is the process by which teachers – and others involved in the support of learning – arrive at a plan or structure or designed artefact for a learning situation or a setting (Beetham & Sharpe, 2013). The situation may be as small as a single task or as large as a degree course. Here the concern is mainly to support you with improving the design of your curriculum focusing specifically on tasks/activities. In order to do this, the attempt will be to help you learn the necessary theory for you to reinvent, all or part of your curriculum, with evidence based strategies.

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